Which Is The Best Robot Lawn Mower Brand?

Ever since we were kids at school, there have been differing opinions about brands and which are best. In my day, there was the Nintendo vs Sega battle with the SNES and the Megadrive head to head, and clothing brands like Nike and Reebok separating opinion. Of course, everyone gravitates towards what they have, as that’s the choice they made.

When it comes to automatic lawn mowers, the same applies. If you go to the nerdier corners of the internet, you’ll find people quoting all sorts of facts and figures relating to battery life and power of motors, along with things like the range of operation. When the average person is asking about the best robot lawn mowers to buy, though, they’re probably not particularly bothered about the real depths of detail. For some, they’ll barely even fully understand what a robot mower is and does, so the shallow detail of a beginners’ guide is all that’s needed.

What’s important to most of us is that the garden gets a nice neat lawn that’s mowed regularly, and the device is easy to set up and reasonably good value for money. That’s why sites like https://www.robotlawnmowers.org/ (here) are so popular – they break that information down into plain English and give a recommendation that will suit most average households. You’ll see them talk about the likes of well known brands like Flymo as great choices, and it’s about a lot more than wifi channels and replacement blade quality. It talks about the brand being recognisable to most people – giving the confidence that you’re buying a reliable product and if things go wrong, support is available.

While other sites talk about more specialist brands like Robomow, that’s at the other end of the spectrum, regardless of how big and successful they are. When you’re unfamiliar with a type of product, you’re going to be most keen on avoiding spending hundreds of pounds on a bad product, rather than choosing the best possible make and model based on what a well groomed salesman earns the most commission selling. That’s exactly why the Flymo model (the 1200R) is so popular, it gives the instant brand recognition people need to gain confidence, and that doesn’t necessarily mean you are (or aren’t) getting every last feature that you may do elsewhere. That said, sometime simple is best – after all you’re looking for a machine to mow the lawn for you – it’s not something that needs a lot of bells and whistles, although I’m sure in time that will inevitably come.

So, in summary, the answer to finding the best robot lawn mower brand is probably going to come down to nothing more than confidence and familiarity, two elements that you’ll find crop up time and time again whatever you’re buying, not just to cut the grass!